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About RealEstateIsIdeal.com

Real Estate is Ideal is a site dedicated to real estate news, information, trends, education and tools for helping your investing needs.

Real Estate for many of us is the American Dream, home ownership. It provides us shelter, a place in the community where we want to live. A place for raising a family, creating memories, building relationships, socializing, celebrating , spending time with relatives and loved ones and generally enjoying life. It also is an extension of who we are and is shown by adding our personal touches to show a sense of pride.

It is usually the single biggest purchase we make in our lives, yet we spend little time understanding all the financial aspects of this transaction. We spend 12 years in school and maybe another 4 or more in college, we learn a skill or trade, but have gained little knowledge about investing in general, specifically about real estate. What is leverage? How do I build equity? What deductions am I entitled to? What is PMI? Should I get a 15 or 30 year mortgage, fixed or adjustable. How much can I afford? How much should I put down? How long do I plan to live in this house?

Real Estate can be a corner-stone for building wealth although we typically do not buy our first home for that purpose. I know of someone who bought a modest house 35+ years ago in California, raised a large family, the kids have long since moved out and the parents are retired, still living in the house. The house is paid off and is currently valued well over a million dollars. Not a bad investment right?

This site is for the sole purpose of providing information that can help you in whatever stage of investing you are in, whether it is thinking about your first purchase or looking for your next investment property. Hopefully you will find the information on this site useful.

Feel free to give us feedback on how we can improve this site for you.

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