401k News

401k News

401k News

For most people this is the most important investment vehicle for building wealth. Pensions starting becoming obsolete in the 1980’s and except for a few careers (e.g. teachers, police, fire fighters, some government jobs) the only options for saving for retirement are though company sponsored 401k plans. Keep up with the latest news on 401k investing.

If someone offered you free money, would you refuse it? Probably not. But that’s just what you’re doing if you don’t contribute to your 401(k). The more you contribute, the more free money you get. Here’s why:

Contributing part of your salary to a 401(k) gives you three compelling benefits: Pretax dollars, company matching money, and growth tax deferred. Read more from a CNN money article.

Fees will derail your retirement plans

For asset allocation and Information on how fees will kill your retirement plans read this article.

How to buy real estate in your retirement plan

Find out how to buy real estate in your 401k.

More on articles on 401k plans

Check out how other articles on retirement plans.

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