Travertine Repair

In addition as the tile wears you may notice that pitting will return. The pitting can be quite noticeable and troubling. Not to worry this can be repaired. You do not have to be an artesian tile worker to patch the pits.

What you will need is a product that is call mastic for marble something like travertine filler. You probably won’t find this at any of the big box stores so, find your local tile store, they should have this type of product. You will want to bring a sample of the tile so they can match the color, or a good picture if you do not have a sample. They will point you to the product it should be a can of the mastic and a tube of hardener. There are other types of available, the one I used was an epoxy based.

What you’ll need for the epoxy based product.

Mastic and hardener
Paper plate, to mix the mastic and hardener
Q-tip or something to mix the mastic and hardener
Putty knife, larger than the pitted area

What you’ll need for the water based product

Mixing container
Grout float

For the epoxy based product follow the steps below

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Clean the area first
Tape of the area around the pitted area(s)

100_2187 resized

Mix the mastic and the hardener together. There is no magic formula for mixing with mastic maybe 1:10 ratio hardener to mastic
Use the putty knife to fill the pitted areas and smooth the surface
Remove tape

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For the water based product follow the steps below

Clean the area first
Pour powered mix into mixing container
Add water and start mixing
You will want a consistency of pancake batter. Add more power as needed.
Pour into pitted area
Using the grout float smooth the surface
After it dries for about 30 minutes, use a wet sponge to remove excess filler around the pitted areas.